Maui: Day 2 ~ Snorkeling, Mama's Fish House

We began Day 2 by heading downstairs to our breakfast buffet.

This was not just a continental breakfast, but had lots of hot items, including pancakes, eggs, sausages, fried rice, other meats, quiches and things like that. A couple of the dishes varied day by day.

Then there was this:

This is real Japanese. Eating miso soup for breakfast is a classic Japanese thing to do. Since My Sweetie is Hapa, we loved that in Hawaii, there is a lot of Japanese influence on the cuisine.

Every morning I hit the fruit area of the buffet - the papaya was my absolute favorite.

Like most public areas in Maui the restaurant was open air. So the birds were free to fly in and out of the restaurant. Like this guy:

I really love the open air concept here. I have visited other humid areas and have a hard time going from the dry, air conditioned areas to the humid outside. So I loved in Maui, that at most places we did not have that transition.

My plate.

As you can see from my plate, this morning they were offering a Kalua pork dish.

Today we were planning to head north to try another snorkeling spot. Napili Bay, which was about a 20 minute drive from Ka'anapali. There are not really any signs for this beach - we were using my phone's GPS so when we knew we had passed it, so we turned around and then found a place to park. After walking down a path we found the beach.

We knew to head to the north side of the beach - when researching snorkeling sites on Maui we used this site and this great site too. They had really good information about getting to the reefs and other info with tips and water conditions.

We spent about an hour, exploring the reef and diving down to check out the marine life.

It was slightly murky, but not bad at all.

There was lots of coral and hidden fish. We did find other spots later in the week that had more fish. We didn't get many Go Pro shots of good fish here at this spot, but believe me, they were there.

There were quite a few spots where we would dive down together and go through mini canyons.

Amazing coral.

After snorkeling for about an hour, we relaxed for a bit on the beach with snacks and drinks. There was a wedding going on right near us - it seems more and more people are doing these destination weddings.

After a bit, we left this beautiful area. We had early reservations for dinner on the other side of the island so we headed to the north part of the island.

We ended up at Ho'okipa Beach. The surf was pretty big here and the red flags were out, so we walked along the beach and sat for a while.

We headed back to the beach bathrooms and changed for dinner. Tonight we were eating at:

Yes, I know this is what lots of people do in Maui, but there is a reason why they flock here. And My Sweetie and I wanted to have an opinion. This was our big splurge of our trip.

We started out with drinks: I got a Pink Floyd.

I had talked to our waiter and when I said I did not like sweet drinks, he recommended ordering the Pink Floyd without the elderflower syrup. This was a great move and I really enjoyed this drink.

My Sweetie got a James Bond Dry Martini.

We checked out the menu. What I liked about it was that it was changed daily, and the actual name of the fisherman who caught the fish that day was listed.

Our server, Michael, was excellent and really knew the menu and made great suggestions based on our comments.

My entree was the stuffed mahi mahi. The mahi mahi was stuffed with a delicious crab mixture and came with a split mini lobster. The mahi mahi was excellent, but I did find the lobster to be a bit chewy and not as tasty as I expected.

You can also see in the photo above, the loaf of whole wheat poppy seed bread they bring out for you. They also gave us a small sample of a lovely house soup to try as well.

My Sweetie got the Pangang Curry. There were three different kinds of fish in the dish - opa, mahi mahi and ahi. This lovely curry had so many amazing flavors in it, and came with these condiments:  plantains, mango chutney, toasted macadamia nuts and spicy chili sauce. This was really an amazing dish.

For dessert we decided to get the Black Pearl. This is a delicious chocolate mousse encased inside a crisp, pastry clamshell.

The sauce on the plate was a mixture of sour and sweet, which really complimented the sweetness of the chocolate mousse.

We also ordered some dark house coffee that came in a french press.

This was definitely a memorable meal. Lots of people say that Mama's Fish House is overrated, but we really loved the dishes we chose, the service was wonderful and the grounds amazingly beautiful.

We took some time to walk around the property and see the lovely beach there.

After our leisurely dinner, we headed back around to the west side of Maui and our hotel. In no traffic it usually takes about 45 minutes, but we found that if we were headed back to that area between 5 and 7 pm, there was a bit of traffic. Tonight there was some so it added some time to our drive.

A quick walk near the beach to see the setting sun and then back to our room.

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