Harmony of the Seas: Day 7 ~ Last Full Day on the Ship

Kind of a sad day. Our last full day on the ship.

Because of all the deck chair drama the day before, My Sweetie got up at 7 am and went out and put our towels, plus a couple of magazines and a hat on our chairs. Try stealing that!

Breakfast was at Solarium this morning.

After breakfast we took our coffee and went and sat in our chairs for a bit.

It was a lovely day at sea.

After a while we decided to do the zip line. They provided the shoes which was good since we didn't bring any close-toed shoes. My Sweetie was first and loved it.

It goes across the Boardwalk, ten stories up.

All geared up.

My turn.

We went down to the boardwalk and these guys were playing so we listened for a while.

We also went to another trivia session. We really had a great time guessing and realizing how dumb we were.

At some point we went in and got a drink from our favorite bar and Edwin suggested we try the main dining room for lunch.

They only serve lunch there from 11:30-1:00. But they seat you at tables like they do at dinner, with a waiter. You can order from the menu, and/or go to a very nice buffet.

Here was the bread display.

My plate from the buffet.

My Sweetie ordered a lobster roll from the menu.

I got cod.

They had a really neat salad station. You choose from a wide variety of ingredients, and they toss them in these large bowls and then plate them for you.

For dessert we had a Napoleon,

And a meringue cloud.

This was a great lunch! I was sad we only found the main dining room for lunch on our last day. Eating there did take longer than if you went up to the other buffets, but it was really good food.

We realized we were doing lots of eating and needed to burn some calories so we found the jogging track on deck 3 and did some laps.

The view out of the back from the track was so beautiful.

At around 3 we went to the ice skating show. There were 8 or so skaters that really knew how to skate, and they gave us a show.

It was about 45 minutes and actually very nicely done.

As soon as the show was over, we walked out and ended up right in front of the theater. They were inviting people in for the extra show of Columbus, which had malfunctioned the day before. We had liked what we saw so we went in.

It was a really fun show! They sang excerpts from popular songs which wove into the story perfectly.

It was actually very well done. We were very, very impressed with the quality of all of the entertainers here on board. All performances were top notch and done by very talented people.

We went back to our chairs for a bit. It was getting later and some of the really nice chairs were becoming available. These were large and could fit two people.

I swear people would leave stuff overnight in these things to hold them. We never got to sit in one, except on the first day and then today, the last.

We were nearing Florida, and saw another ship headed back to port, just like us.

And My Sweetie is not holding my head - he's holding my hair back, so it didn't blow into my face in the photo. He's a great guy.

As the sun set, we played a game of mini golf.

Our view.

We headed back to our room to change for dinner, and our room attendant, Margaret, was there. The whole week she was amazing, and always wanted to help us. Tonight, she gave us the special treat of showing us how she made her fun creations.

Today was our 21st Anniversary. For dinner, we were dining at a specialty restaurant, Wonderland.

The bar.

I loved this hanging seat in the waiting area.

We were seated and given our menus.

Can't read it? Neither could I. Until we were handed a paint brush and some water. We 'painted' our menus and only then could we see what we were eating:

Our menu was divided into elements: Sun, Ice, Fire, Sea, Earth. Our waiter suggested that we choose 5 appetizers to share and an entree each.

Our first appetizer came like this: a swirling of smoke with a glass lid. With great ceremony our waiter lifted the glass, and all of the smoke came out and dissipated.

To reveal Buffalo Chicken Eggs with a smoked flavor.

We were also served these amazing shrimp, called Shrimp Kataifi, encased in a crispy scotch bonnet. These were amazing.

I loved these wine glasses.

This next appetizer was so different. This was called Oceanic Citrus. On a bed of ice, inside each of the limes was tuna tartare, seasoned perfectly. The presentation was amazing.

Here was a sashimi of red and white tuna.

And our last appetizer was a reconstructed caprese. This had such interesting flavors! The white powder you see was ricotta, that had been freeze dried.

Our entrees:

My Sweetie had the Terroir Beef. It was very nice.

I chose halibut cooked in clear paper. This was not as tasty as I was expecting, and seemed under seasoned.

We had talked a bit with the couple next to us and this was the third time they had eaten here this cruise. They had suggested two dishes to order for dessert, since they really complimented each other.

We took their advice and got the Forbidden Apple. This was not an apple, but a raspberry cremeux. Amazing flavor and so tasty. I am so bummed that the photo was blurry!

We also got what was called on the menu, The World. This came to our table, looking like a ball of chocolate. Our waiter began pouring a warm caramel sauce over it, and then this began to happen:

This was decadence. We would take a bite of the raspberry cremeux and its sourness, and then a taste of the chocolate mousse, peanut butter ganache, and salted caramel ice cream and sauce. These two dishes perfectly complimented each other.

What a lovely dinner!

On the way out we had to snap a photo of this table. Check out the chair on the left - it is a couch sitting on its side.

We headed to the theater to watch the comedy show. This one did not have the warning in parenthesis (age 18+) that a couple of other shows had. There were two different guys that really made us laugh. The first man was actually quite funny! He had some great jokes and impersonations. The second one was funny as well; both were totally clean and we really had a great time.

We got a couple of drinks - our favorites: a Grapefruit Caipiroska and an Old Fashioned, and went to headed upstairs to our room.

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