Harmony of the Seas: Day 5 ~ Main Dining Room and Headliner Show

 After we got off our around-the-island-of-Saint-Martin boat ride, we decided to walk down to the nearby beach. We still had a couple of hours before we left port.

The walk down went through this neat shopping area.

The view towards the water was beautiful.

We walked for a bit on the beach and then headed back to the ship. The beach was about a half mile from the port.

Another ship had docked next to us.

When this happens it is called ship alley.

We got on board and went up to our room, showered and changed.

We then headed down for some drinks at the bar.

We had thought we might try a hot tub, but they were all pretty crowded. So instead we got pizza and did a trivia session.

We changed and headed to dinner, which tonight was in the main dining room. On Harmony, you are assigned a dining room, one of three. Ours was Silk.

You could access the menu with this touch screen, and see what was being served each night.

We had a great view of the whole dining room, all three floors of it.

We started with breaded shrimp. We each had a plate, and then our waiter, seeing how quickly we ate them, asked if he could bring us two more. 

I also got Salmon Rillettes. I basically ignored everything else on this plate but the salmon.

Tonight was a three entree evening:

Braised Cod

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Veal Medallions


For dessert we both ordered espresso and split the Lava Cake.

And asked our waiter to wrap up a slice of apple pie and cheesecake to go.

This cute little guy was waiting in our room when we dropped off our desserts.

After dinner we headed to the theater to see the Headliner show of our cruise, Savannah Jack.

If you have not heard of him, he and his band play contemporary country.

This fiddler was AMAZING. He played The Devil Went Down to Georgia and it was so very well done.

At one point in the concert, Don Ellis, the lead singer, asked if anyone in the audience was celebrating their anniversary. Being idiots who had had a couple of drinks, we raised our hands, and said we were celebrating.

He called us, and three other couples down to the front. Whaaa???

He asked us our names and how long we had been married (for the record we were the second longest) and then.....



Now if you know us, we really don't dance much. As we started dancing I wanted to just fall through a hole in the floor. But after a few seconds I realized, to heck with this. I am never going to see any of these people again in my life, and I am going to enjoy this moment of slow dancing with my husband. In front of 500 people.

Don't ask me what song he sang. It was one he had written for Blake Shelton and I had never heard it before.

Even though we probably made fools of ourselves, we really really enjoyed the concert. Superb talent and Don Ellis was hilarious.

We headed back to the promenade and sat for a while listening to this funk jazz group at the Boot & Bonnet. The entertainment on the ship was five star, and we were really impressed with all that we heard.

I had to snap this Frank Sinatra quote.

Back to our room with pizza and dessert, to eat with our new friend.

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