Harmony of the Seas: Day 4 ~ St. Thomas, Jamie's Italian

Our fourth day we were headed to St. Thomas.

When we peeked out the window that morning we saw this:

We went upstairs and got our breakfast, then took it back and ate on our balcony as we came into this beautiful group of islands.

Coming into Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas.

We had researched excursions on St. Thomas and decided to book with an independent company (instead of an excursion through our cruise line).

St Thomas Scuba and Snorkel Adventures got very high ratings on Trip Advisor and offered a 5 hour snorkeling tour of the island. We were to meet our guide, Madi, at the big windmill.

We weren't sure what to expect with this tour and so we were surprised that, after introducing herself, she told us that we had a private tour, just the two of us, of the whole island and she would go anywhere we wanted.

First, she took us to a snorkeling spot.

The water started out murky but when we swam out, it cleared up enough for us to see pretty well.

Lots of fishies!

There were a few school of them too.

There were a couple of these colorful ones also.

Madi was swimming right with us, and found things we could touch.

She also found a brittle star that we held too.

After snorkeling here for about an hour, we headed back up to her car. She asked us if we would like a Rum Punch. Umm, sure! We are on vacation.

She preceded to open up the trunk of her Jeep and made me a drink. And then, she opened the passenger car door and told me that yes, I could drink my adult drink while the car was moving.

I liked St. Thomas.

Get this: the driver can even drink and drive. BUT, it is against the law to drive your car without a t-shirt on. So she had to throw a shirt on over her bathing suit before we pulled out of the parking lot.

We headed up around the island and hit a couple of look out spots.

Charlotte Amalie is behind us.

You can see the Harmony below in the photo.

At another lookout, on the other side of the island, you could see St. John and other islands.

Looking down on Magen's Bay.

We headed to lunch at Hull Bay. 

She took us to eat at Hull Bay Hideaway. This place had the MOST AMAZING FISH TACOS.

Hull Bay was beautiful too.

All of the places that Madi took us were not crowded at all. 

Back into the car and to the next swimming spot.

This next place was known for turtles and sting rays.

There were some of these guys.

But mostly there were lots of turtles out there!

With the GoPro we got some amazing turtle shots.

The area was beautiful!

More turtles.

 At one point Madi took our GoPro and got shots of us with the turtles.

This was so, so much fun, diving down and swimming with the turtles.

So beautiful.

Madi also captured a Bony Fish for us to hold.

He did feel like a fish, and had a hard exoskeleton.

We also found lots of conch.

We really had a great time snorkeling!

After an hour of snorkeling, it was time for another Rum Punch.

During our day we had been asking her questions about living on the island. She and her husband were from the United States, and living on St. Thomas because of his job.

We had also told her that we had really wanted to walk on the beach at Magen's Bay. It was voted one of the top ten beaches in the world and we really wanted to see it. So instead of taking us back to the ship she took us to Magen's Bay and said we could easily get a taxi back to the dock. And just in case, she lived 5 minutes from Magen's Bay, so if we couldn't find a taxi we could text her and she would come get us. 

Seriously, Madi was an amazing guide and the company provided one of the best excursions we have ever been on.

Walking the beach at Magen's Bay. Me, with a Rum Punch, courtesy of Madi.

It really was an amazing beach.

Another shot. Sorry, can't help taking photos of this beautiful spot.

Looking out towards the ocean.

We decided it was time to leave this paradise and went over to the taxi line. There were these bus-like taxis, that ran back to the port for about $8 per person.

It was about a ten minute ride. I was still getting used to driving on the left side of the road.

This was the view we were met with when we walked down the pier:

We got back on our ship without any delays and got ready for dinner.

We were eating at another specialty restaurant this evening and had some time before our reservations, so we had some drinks at the Schooner bar, aka the Piano Bar.

My Sweetie really liked Grapefruit Caprioska, while I developed a taste for an Old Fashioned.

Dinner was at Jamie's Italian.

This met us at our table.

We ordered a Plank. Anytime you are at Jamie's Italian, you need to order a Plank.

This next photo is, unfortunately blurry, but it is of some breaded shrimp.

For our entrees, we ordered:

Shrimp pasta - this pasta was actually a little underdone. It was not even al dente, but definitely a bit crunchy.

Grilled lamb - one of the best lamb dishes of the cruise

Truffle Pasta - the flavors in this dish were superb.

We also got a caprese salad.

Enjoying our meal.

For dessert we ordered Tiramasu and cheesecake and asked for it to go (plates with covers) to take back to our room. And can you believe it, I forgot to take a photo of it.

But I did get a photo of our evening room attendant creation.

We took our desserts back to our room, got drinks at our favorite bar, and hit the hot tub for a bit.

The end to a really fun day.

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