Harmony of the Seas: Day 3 ~ Day at Sea

 Today was our first full day at sea. We awoke to wide open horizons.

For breakfast we went to Johnny Rockets. For lunch and dinner there is a $5 fee to eat here, but breakfast is free.

They had regular breakfast fare.

I got an omelette and My Sweetie got french toast.

It was good for breakfast.

We went up to the top deck to look for chairs. At this point it was probably around 10:30 or so, and most of the deck chairs were taken. There were a few that were mid ship on the 16th deck, but it was super windy up there and not worth it.

But this was a neat view down to the Boardwalk. Those tables below were where we sat for breakfast at Johnny Rockets.

We finally found some seats on the 15th deck that had a decent view of the water and weren't windy. We sat for a while, talking and looking at the view.

When we got a bit hungry we went to the Solarium and got plates to bring back to our deck chairs.

This was quite relaxing.

After a while we headed to a bar and did some trivia. We found we really enjoyed the trivia sessions, and scoped them out on the daily Cruise Compass.

We knew we just couldn't sit around and eat and waste away all day, so we headed down to deck 3 to try out ice skating.

We did have to wear helmets, but it was fun skating around. You do need long pants to skate.

It was weird to think we were ice skating on a ship on the ocean!

We headed back up, got some drinks at the pool bar, some guacamole and chips at Mini Bites, and back to our chairs.

We sat for a while and saw this:

We finally left our deck chairs and headed aft, to the back. We had yet to try the Abyss.

The Abyss is a slide, not a water slide, that drops 9 stories. You sit on these rugs with a cover for your feet, lean back, and slide.

The platform where you wait to get on is really cool. Looking 16 stories down to the water is amazing.

It was a really neat ride. Very fast, with lots of lights and sounds inside. We got off, then headed up the elevator and rode it again.

The Abyss dumps you off on the Boardwalk. Right near to a hot dog stand. There are different kinds of dogs, and you can get all sorts of toppings on them.

The Boardwalk is really neat at night.

There are 4 ping pong tables in the sports area. If you know My Sweetie and I in real life, you know we love ping pong. We only played twice during the whole trip - these were popular and crowded most of the time.

Dinner tonight was in the main dining room again.

Appetizers were a seafood consomme. This was okay, a little salty but decent taste.

I also got salmon tartare. I really love tartare. The flavors are so tasty.

Enjoying our dinner.

 Our entrees were lamb chops....

 and steak. This was a little over done but pretty good.

For dessert we split the creme brulee, but asked the waiter to wrap up the cheese plate and chocolate cake to take back to our room.

We got drinks at the bar, changed into our suits, and went in the hot tub. We were out there at around 10:30 pm so there was no one else there. We did try to go out there earlier other nights, but it was more crowded.

The promenade all lit up at night.

We got some pizza and brought it up to our room.

This guy was waiting for us.

We took some blankets out on our deck and listened to the sound of the water.

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