Harmony of the Seas: Day 2 ~ Afternoon and Dinner in the Dining Room

We got back on the ship and headed to Windjammer for lunch.

Note to self: on port days don't head straight to the buffet right after getting back on the ship, especially right before the ship leaves. Everyone else heads there too, since it is free eating and everyone seemingly starved themselves in Nassau.

My plate.

As you can see, I gravitate towards the seafood and salads.

We headed out onto the top deck to watch as we sailed away from the Bahamas. This beach you see below was the very one we had been walking on.

I turned and saw our reflection in the glass and thought it would be an interesting photo of us.

We walked out towards the back and checked out the sports court. There was a full basketball court in  there. They also had adult basketball and dodge ball games here. Unfortunately we couldn't do any of this since we didn't bring any close toed shoes.

This was a Sunday and not just any Sunday but Football Playoffs Sunday. Being from the west we weren't used to the late start time of the game and headed over to a bar to watch the first one.

This is what we found.

We stayed for a bit and when it looked like it was going to be a blow out, we went and got one of these and sat on the deck.

We did end up back in our room (less crowded) to watch the end of the game.

I went out and shot this of the waves as the sun was setting. I loved the color off of the waves.

We did watch the first half of the second game sitting at the bar downstairs. That game turned out to be a blow out so we headed to the Promenade and got some pizza at Sorrentino's. This place had fresh pizza with toppings at almost all hours.

We sat in front of Boot & Bonnet with our food.

My Sweetie tried a beer while I had a spicy Bloody Mary.

Tonight was the first of two formal nights so we did some people watching. As you would think, most ladies were dressed to the nines while the men not as much. Although we did see a couple of tuxes and ladies wearing more casual attire.

We had dinner tonight in the main dining room. There are two dining options on the ship for the dining room - you could either do a set time, or do something called My Time Dining. The set time people sat with others, always in the same spot with the same waiter. My Time Dining meant we could show up whenever we wanted (although we were warned that between 6 and 7 it could get busy) and sit at a table for two.

I don't go on vacation with the goal of meeting other people, but of spending time with my love so we chose My Time Dining.

Appetizers tonight:

Lobster Bisque. This was a bit salty.

Escargot. Yes, I tried it for the first time. It was already out of the shell, and covered with this amazing, buttery rich sauce. And I did like them.

Chilled Cucumber Soup. I do like this soup and enjoying having it when its on a menu.

And finally we had a couple of these: shrimp cocktail.

And that was just the appetizers!

This was my white fish dish. I do keep a journal while we are on vacation and this is what I wrote. It was very yummy.

And My Sweetie's salmon.

Our waiter also suggested we try the duck. This was very tender and had a lovely sauce with it.

This was the first dinner where we felt like we got almost too much food.

Happy with my love.

For dessert we ordered chocolate cake and the cheese plate. We asked our waiter to give us our dessert to go and he did, complete with lids on plates. We took it back to our room and found this guy:

The end to a lovely day!

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