Harmony of the Seas: Day 2 ~ Nassau, Bahamas

Our very first full day on the cruise and we were going to spend part of it in the Bahamas.

We pulled into Nassau at around 6:30 am. I don't know if it is excitement or what, but I always wake up early on our first day of vacation. I got up and watched us pull into the port.

Since we were up early, we got this shot:

We had been trying to get it the day before but there were always people walking. This hallway ran the length of the ship and is over 3 football fields in length. Crazy.

For breakfast we headed to Windjammer, the other buffet on the ship. This one is really big, and covers the entire back of the ship up on deck 15.

My plate.

Breakfasts were okay on the ship. I do get it, that it is hard to make scrambled eggs for thousands of people, but it was my least favorite meal each day.

We headed off the ship by 9 am. For the first time, we really saw the size of the Harmony.

This thing was crazy big!

We walked in the port, which took a few minutes. It was definitely culture shock to see all the police officers with machine guns!

One note: You don't have your passport automatically stamped when you're a cruise passenger, at least not in the countries we visited. My goal though, is to fill that book up, so in each place we found the immigration office and had them stamp it.


It definitely felt like a different country. These guys were everywhere, with their cool white hats.

We felt pretty safe, and walked about 6 blocks to Queen's Staircase.

We came in from the bottom, and walked past these amazing stone walls with beautiful ferns growing on them.

The staircase was carved by slaves out of the limestone rock in the late 1700's.

They were steeper than usual but fun to climb.

At the top we walked a short distance to Fincastle. This fort was built in the late 1700's to protect the harbor and as a watch out for pirates.

For around a dollar apiece, we got to go inside and go up to the top.

These cannons were actually never fired.

There was a nice man at the top who pointed out different places on the island and some of the different trees in the area. He also kindly took our photo.

Outside of Fincastle there were some vendors with souvenirs. I found a very sweet Bahamian lady who sold me some beautiful conch earrings and a bracelet for the girls.

Back down the steps we went.

Next up, we decided to walk in the other direction, to the beach.

We walked past these buildings, which were all the more beautiful surrounded by palm trees.

Junkanoo Beach.

We were having a hard time getting any wi-fi, and since we did not have any cell service or wi-fi on the ship, we decided to stop and have a coconut at the Tiki Bikini Hut, and take advantage of their wi-fi.

This was yummy! After we drank the milk we cracked it open a bit and ate some of the meat.

Then we walked down the beach for a while.

So beautiful.

There was a pier that went out a ways, so we went out there for a photo.

After a bit we headed back towards the ship. We had a short day here, and had to be back on board by 1:30 pm.

We stopped in at the Straw Market.

This place had all sorts of nooks and crannies where they sold everything you could imagine.

This was Carver's Alley.

Such interesting pieces!

We headed back to the ship and said goodbye to the Bahamas!

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