Harmony of the Seas: Day 1 ~ Central Park and the Aqua Show

This first night of our cruise we had decided to dine in a specialty restaurant. We had bought a dining package that gave us 3 different restaurants, and this night we were dining at 150 Central Park.

Walking through Central Park to the restaurant was lovely.

It's crazy to think we are actually on a ship on the ocean!

Our meal began with a salt tasting. We were given bread, unsalted butter, and different types of salt to try.

There were a couple that really had some interesting flavors.

Our appetizers:

I ordered Salmon Tartare, which was prepared tableside.

It was served with shrimp crackers and was excellent.

My Sweetie had Lobster Gnocchi. It was one of the best dishes we had on the trip.

My entree was the Mahogany Black Cod. This stuff melted in your mouth.

And this was the Lamb Duo. There was a roasted lamb chop, and then a ground lamb mixture stuffed in an onion ring.

Dessert for me was a Panna Cotta.

and for my love, a chocolate tart.

They were both good, but the chocolate tart was not as chocolatey as we would have liked.

After dinner we explored the Boardwalk area a bit.

Can you believe there is a carousel on this ship?

Here is the aft, or the back, of the ship. Those big purple slides are not waterslides, but real slides, and were super fun, as we found out a couple of days later.

We visited the Bionic Bar next.

You order your drink from a screen at your table, and then the robots make your drink. You scan your SeaPass and the drink glides to you on a track.

We took our drinks back to the aft of the ship, and to the Aqua Theater.

We had reservations that night to see The Fine Line.

There really weren't any bad seats, actually.

This was a very unique show. The floor you see the dancers on here, opened up to a pool.

This pool was pretty deep because there was lots of high diving going on as well.

The acrobatics were pretty impressive.

The finale.

After the show we walked through the Promenade.

We ended up at the piano bar with drinks, listening to lovely music.

At the end of the night, we visited the Windjammer buffet and picked up some yummies and wine to have in our room.

The end to an amazing day!

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