Disney World: Day 6 ~ Animal Kingdom, Boma Restaurant

Day 5 we were at Animal Kingdom.

I think we were fading a bit.

But we did make it there at a decent hour, at a little after 9:30 am.

Animal Kingdom is divided into five areas: Dino Land U.S.A., Asia, Africa, Oasis (at the entrance) and Discovery Island (the island in the middle).

As usual we had planned out our day.

Expedition Everest was the prime ride here, and the first ride of our day. To get there you have to enter Asia.

As with all Disney attractions there is a story, let's just say that this one involves a yeti and mountain climbers.

I got to sit with My Sweetie.

This was a neat beginning to the adventure.

Think Matterhorn on steroids.

Well, obviously we took a wrong turn.

 Some of it is in the dark, and you really don't know where you are going to end up as you twist and turn.

The ride comes out with a nice big drop...

and ends with a giant curve.

This was our favorite ride at Animal Kingdom.

Next, we headed into Dino Land, U.S.A.

And the Dinosaur ride.

This area was okay - there was a big play area for younger kids and the Dinosaur ride was kind of just there.

There is this carnival like area in Dino Land for kiddies. The kids wanted to try a carnival-type ride called Primeval Whirl, so while they were on it, My Sweetie and I sat for a bit and then got them a couple of snack credits.

We then headed back to the center of the park and the Tree of Life.

A Bug's Life is here, one of our favorite rides when we were at Disneyland.

It was lunch time so we got lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue (counter service)  and were impressed with the serving sizes.

Next we headed back through Asia and to ride Expedition Everest with our Fastpass...where the line was 45 minutes long. Our plan of doing Fastpasses in the afternoon was working well.

We headed to Africa.

 For some reason, this did feel like Africa.

Maybe one reason is because they were playing some African type music there. 

We wanted to see the Lion King show so stood in line for a bit, and didn't have too bad of seats, even though we did not have Fastpass.

This was a great show with lots of acrobatics and actors.

We headed back into Africa and walked around a bit.

Since we were here we decided to walk the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

There were a few bridges to cross.

We got to go into an aviary and see lots of birds.

There were other animals to see....deer, tigers, water buffaloes, and this guy.

We headed to our next Fastpass - Kali River Rapids.

We decided to do this around 3 in the afternoon because, well, obviously it was a water ride, and we were hoping to get wet.

The whole bunch of us.

The boats seated like 12 people, so in our boat there was a family visiting from England. We talked a little bit during the ride and loved their accents.

It was actually a more mild ride, for some of us. One side of the boat did get a bit drenched.

We stopped for some snacks on our way back over to Africa.

Our final Fastpass we used for the Kilamanjaro Safaris. At the time we went (April 2016) Animal Kingdom closed at 5pm, so we did our Fastpass at 4. I did this because I had done my research and had read that the latest safari is a good one to go on, because the animals can typically be more lively since they are getting fed soon, in the cool of the evening.

We boarded the safari cars, met our guide, and were off.

And we did see lots of God's creatures.....


Elephants. Obviously.

Pretty flamingos.

This rhino was hilarious. They were just feeding them, and he was totally high-tailing it into the other area.


And as we we passed the lions our guide told us that not many people had seen them that day, but they had just come out in the last hour.

This was a baby giraffe. Right next to our car!

The safari was really neat. You traveled all over the area, seeing different species. And there were no visible fences, but we did drive over grates when passing through different areas.

On the path out of the safari we met with a cast member. He was from Botswana and had a few things from his country that he was describing. We spent a few minutes talking with him and asking him questions about his country.

Throughout Animal Kingdom there was a scavenger hunt type activity for kids to do, but there were at least 40 places you needed to hit and get stamped for being at, so we only did a few. This cast members' station was one of them, so Nutsy got her passport stamped.

By the time we walked out of Africa, Animal Kingdom was closing. This is a thing of the past now - I knew before we went on this trip that very soon after our trip they were going to begin extending the hours at Animal Kingdom to 9pm, but I did feel that we were able to see the whole park.

For dinner that night we were headed to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and to one of the restaurants there, Boma. We took the bus from Animal Kingdom to the lodge - it is too far to walk.

We had about 45 minutes to kill so we walked around the lodge for a bit. I can't believe I didn't take any photos, but the rooms to the back of the lodge all back up to a preserve. We were able to walk out in the back and see giraffes, impalas, and some foxes.

Boma is an African Buffet.

Here is my plate:

There were lots of interesting things to try... a Nigerian peanut soup, different fruits, salads, and other dishes.

Here is my dessert plate.

It was a fun meal to eat. The atmosphere was nice and there was an African feel to the place.

We headed home that night to our hotel, knowing it was our last night of our vacation.

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