Disney World: Day 5 ~ Magic Kingdom Part 2: Jungle Skipper Canteen Restaurant

After our yummy lunch at Be Our Guest we headed towards Adventureland. We stopped in at Frontierland to watch Bear Country Jamboree.

This attraction used to also be in Disneyland but it was removed in 2001. I saw it as a girl and my parents got the soundtrack on a record. I remember belting out "Blood on the Saddle" around the house when I was little and my mom telling me to not sing it when we had people over.

So for me this was neat to see after so many years.

 Still so corny.

We passed through Fantasyland.....

And past the 75 minute wait line for Peter Pan. The night before, we were watching the ride wait times on our Disney World app. We had originally gotten Fastpass for Splash Mountain, but noticed that at 9pm there was only a 5 minute wait for that ride and also Thunder Mountain, so at the last minute we decided to switch our Fastpass to Peter Pan. (Which had a serious line the entire time the park was open.)

Rapunzel's Tower.

And finally, into Adventureland.

This actually, turned out to be our favorite land in Magic Kingdom.

We had brought water bottles into the park and would stop every now and then at counter service restaurants for free water. We were on empty so My Sweetie was getting us all waters and we had stopped in the shade next to this little house. While we were waiting a cast member came out of the house and asked if we wanted to do a scavenger hunt in Adventureland.

Nutsy was all for it (I had my doubts) but we were on this vacay for the kids so we went in to see what we had to do.

We scanned our Magic Bands, were handed a treasure map, and then given our first clue. 

We were to find a cannon somewhere in Adventureland and so we used the map, and found it in front of the gift shop. We held our band over the icon on the cannon like we had been told to do, and Bang! It shot off across the main area of Adventureland! It also gave us the next clue.

This was no ordinary scavenger hunt, and turned out to be one of our favorite activities of the day.

Each map had four or five clues to find, then once you finished one map you went back to the little house and scanned your band to get a new one. When you finished a map, you got a little Pirate card in return.

This was really lots of fun. There were clues that shot spurts of water at us, things that came up out of the jungle, and ones that opened boxes and showed items to help us find our way.

To reveal your clue, all you had to do was scan your Magic Band. And the system was smart - one time we tried to go backwards and the clue would not work.

Not too many people were doing this so most of the time we had the clues to ourselves.

Although I could tell that for some of the more obvious clues that we uncovered, people were wondering how we were making things do what they did.

Treasure maps.

We completed all five maps and got five Pirate cards.

The whole thing took us about 45 minutes - you could choose to only do one map and it would only take maybe 10 minutes.

When we got home I went onto the Disney website to see what this hunt is called. I had completely missed it when reading the descriptions (I probably thought it was a show, which none of us like). It is called A Pirates Adventures, and is something we would totally do again.

Still in Adventureland we walked through Swiss Family Treehouse. (I still wish it was Swiss Family Treehouse at Disneyland and not Tarzan.)

And went on Pirates of the Caribbean.

We were going to do the Enchanted Tiki Room but decided against it, in favor of getting Dole Whips.

Nutsy had the dairy-free, slice of pineapple.

Next we headed across the park for our Fastpass on Space Mountain.

Tomorrowland was lots of fun to walk around.

We also did PeopleMover. This is another ride that I wish was still at Disneyland.

It is nice to just sit.

For dinner we had reservations at the new Skipper Canteen. This table service in Adventureland had only been open for 4 months. Since it was so new we were unable to make reservations online, so we called that morning and had no problem getting a time.

Inside the restaurant.

I had read a little about this place and the waiters are supposed to be kind of like the skippers on the Jungle Cruise, with their corny jokes and silliness.

For the record our waiter did a great job of serving, but didn't really crack any jokes.

Our dining plan comes with drinks (non alcoholic) and this was my Punch Line Punch.

And instead of bread or chips, our waiter brought us Ambasha Bread with a honey spiced dip.

The entrees we ate were:

Grilled Steak, and instead of french fries those are Yuca Planks.

 My Sweetie and I also opted for a salad instead of dessert.

This was my Sustainable Fish, served over vegetables and a yummy lemongrass broth.

Char Sui Pork

And Grilled Lamb Chops. This was served over a green lentil stew.

The food definitely felt like food you would get in Adventureland.

For dessert we split the four desserts that were on the menu (at the time we were there).

Chocolate Kungaloosh (chocolate cake) and Banh Bong Cake (Vanilla chiffon cake with lemongrass syrup)

Quick Sand (jasmine rice pudding with mango sauce) and Coconut Bar (with pineapple basil compote and vanilla ice cream)

Nutsy was given a very special bowl of mango sorbet. (dairy free)

It was dusk when we headed out with our full tummies.

The park at night is amazing.

We went on our Fastpass Peter Pan ride, then decided to do It's A Small World.

 I had been looking for it when we would walk through Fantasyland and never saw it, but then after we got off of Peter Pan I saw a sign and was surprised to see that unlike the iconic Disneyland ride, here the ride was all inside!

The castle at night was amazing.

It was getting later so we headed over to Frontierland.

At both Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain, the wait was less than 15 minutes.

 We went back and forth between the rides for a while.

 The fireworks were going to begin and we decided to stand on the bridge in front of Tom Sawyer's Island that connects Frontierland to Adventureland.

This place was perfect, and not crowded at all! The fireworks went up right over us and were incredible with the timed music.

We took our time walking out of the park, and stopped at Casey's Corner on Main Street for ice cream. They even had soy ice cream for Nutsy.

It was past midnight and time to say goodbye to Magic Kingdom.

But our adventure wasn't over yet.....

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