Disney World: Day 5 ~ Magic Kingdom Part 1: Be Our Guest Restaurant

Day Four saw us getting up earlier than we had in previous days, due in part to getting to bed the night before at a decent time.

Today we were headed to Magic Kingdom - the flagship of Disney World and the most popular amusement park in the world.

And we knew it to, right from the bus line. Thankfully, they sent double-long buses to the Magic Kingdom lines.

We only waited a few minutes for this bus.

And in case you wondered what the world of Disney looks like between the parks:

We got there early enough to watch the welcome party.

We didn't plan to be there this early but we really loved being here as the park opened. Everyone  counted down and then Mickey came in, with lots of other characters, on the Disney Train.

Main Street was a little crowded but thinned out as we all headed into the park.

As before, we had a plan. We had been to Disneyland in Anaheim and so had ridden a lot of similar rides. So we headed to the new ride here in Magic Kingdom - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

It was a slower roller coaster, but still had a great story line and was entertaining. The carts swayed slightly back and forth as we went through the mines and on the track.

As we came out of this ride we could see into Tomorrowland and Nutsy spied her all time favorite ride from Disneyland.

Tomorrowland Speedway.

The kids really love this ride.

And I'm sure it meant more to this driver, who had her driver's permit at the time.

We headed towards Space Mountain - we did have a Fastpass for this ride later in the day, but at 10:15 in the morning the wait was only 15 minutes.

We headed through Fanstasyland to get to the other two big rides we wanted to ride.

Going into  Frontierland, obviously.

I will never cease to be impressed with how Disney can seamlessly go from one land to the next, and how real they make it seem.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad had the shorter line so we headed there first.

This ride was lots of fun. There were a few differences in the line as we waited, which was only 15 minutes long. The ride itself was a bit different from Disneyland too, and just as thrilling.

Next up was the family favorite - Splash Mountain.

This ride is awesome!  I love this ride because there are multiple dips and slides. And then once you go down the big dip the ride isn't finished yet, but still goes back through the mountain.

We explored a little in Frontierland on our way across the park.

And of course, stopped to take a photo of Cinderella's Castle.

 We were planning to eat at Be Our Guest Restaurant. This is a unique restaurant, in that it is a counter service for lunch and a table service for dinner.

At counter service restaurants you first order and then find your seat. The area where you ordered looked just as if you were in a castle and had huge tapestries hanging from the walls.

You can choose to dine in three different rooms: The Castle's Gallery, The West Wing, and The Grand Ballroom. Each room has incredible ambiance and feels as if you are in a castle. (Well, you actually are.) There is space for 550 eaters in this place.

 We chose The Grand Ballroom.

Unlike other counter service restaurants, Here at Be Our Guest, the waiters bring your food to you. In these very neat looking rolling carts.

Hungry girls, patiently waiting.

I was getting smart with our dining plan, and decided to exchange an appetizer for my dessert.

And so I got the most delicious bowl of French Onion Soup. (Next to my entree in the photo.)

My entree was Braised Pork.

 The Vegetable Quiche.

 This is the Carved Turkey Sandwich.

And the Carved Prime Roast Sandwich.

Nom, nom, nom.

They also brought our desserts to the table at the same time.

 This cupcake was delish and called The Master's Cupcake.....

See the grey stuff? Take my advice and try the grey stuff it's delicious, don't believe me, ask the dishes!

Happy eaters.

Before we left Beast's Enchanted Castle we stopped to take this photo.

Onto the rest of Magic Kingdom!

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