Disney World ~ Day 4: Blizzard Beach and Raglan Road

Day 2 and Day 3 of our trip were longs days at Hollywood Studios and Epcot. So when we planned this trip, we decided to have a kind of a down day on the fourth day.

With our military passes we also got 4 days at the two water parks. So we decided this would be a good day for a water park, and headed to Blizzard Beach.

We chose this park, because this was the only full day we would spend at a water park, and this park had rides for older kids.

But alas, as we were in line to check in at the park, we noticed that the two top rides, Summit Plummet and Slush Gusher, were down because of a water pump issue.

Lesson to be learned: Any ride can be closed at any time here. Be prepared.

I'll be honest with you. I was secretly glad that Summit Plummet was closed.

When we were looking at brochures, I saw this photo.

Does that not totally freak you out?

The majority of my clan was ready to try it, but we were all spared the drama of that ride.

So Blizzard Beach is a freak of nature in central Florida. According to Disney, one year there was a crazy snow storm, which led Floridians to build a ski resort. Snow never returned, but instead of tearing the structures down, they turned it into a water park.

It was a teeny bit chilly this April day,

but we were brave and went up the ski lift to the top.

We had time to survey the area and think about our fate.

After getting off, we headed for Teamboat Springs. This unique water ride can fit six into the raft, which was perfect for our family, and has fun twists and turns.

It was a mild ride, but for all of the kids, this was their first real water slide ride.

Each set of water slides had different colored slopes, just like a real ski resort.

Next we headed to the Snow Stormers. You can choose from three different tubes to ride down - the lines were very short so we ran back around and got to ride each tube.

All three tubes had the same thrills but weren't too fast.

Next we tried Toboggan Racers. For this ride we went down head first, as if we were on a toboggan.

(You are going to see lots of My Sweetie feet and head in these photos. He was the one wearing the Go-Pro.)

For lunch we headed to one of the counter services here at the park. Yes, the meal plan does work here, just like in the other parks.

But the food? Bleh.

We floated for a bit in the big wave pool - the waves were very small and just made us go up and down, up and down, which was very relaxing.

Finally, we hit the lazy river. We must have gone around a few times, and we did get separated from the kids. At some point, we met up with one and they delivered the bad news that Mr. Lego had lost his glasses. Thankfully he had brought his spares and they were back at the hotel, but we did spend some time trying to find both all the kids and the glasses.

Note: it is very hard to contact others in the water park. You don't have cell phones so you can't text, and then you can't see what time it is to know when to meet up.....

We did leave a little late, but not so late that we couldn't snap some fun photos.

That evening we had reservations at Raglan Road in Disney Springs. We hit our hotel to change clothes and then took the bus to DS.

We were maybe 10 minutes late for our reservation.

They take reservations seriously in DW, and we were put in line with the rest of the walk-ins. It wasn't too bad - we explored the gift shop nearby and sat outside for a while. We ended up waiting about a half hour.

Raglan Road was by far our favorite restaurant of the trip.

The atmosphere was what you would expect for an Irish pub, with lively music and delicious food.

Of course this must be ordered....by My Sweetie and not me, since I am not a beer fan. I opted for a glass of red wine.

My Sweetie's meat pie.

This was Mr. Lego's "It's Not Bleedin' Chowder".

Steak for Nutsy.

 And I got the braised beef.

 I LOVED the design on the plates.

Happy diners.

 The food was AMAZING. As in, the best meal we had at DW.

And to make the atmosphere even more fun, there was Irish dancing and music the whole time we were there.

As you can see, we were back in a corner. But that didn't keep us from being entertained, at one point the dancers brought the entertainment to our area.

Dessert was incredible.

This was Donbrody Kiss. Pure decadence.

Trifle Sinful.

Fluffy Lemon Clouds, which were exactly how they sounded.

And the best dessert in my opinion?

Ger's Bread and Butter Pudding.

I must say that I was surprised when Mr. Lego ordered this. He said he has tasted it while working at his serving/meal-prep job, and knew exactly what to do with it.

He first poured this delicious looking caramel sauce over it.....

Then he poured the thick cream on top.

Do you see the pools of caramel? This dessert was incredible.

The entire experience was one of the tastiest meals I have ever had.

This was our first early night, so we headed back to our hotel and hung out and had some fun treats.....

and watched old Disney cartoons on the TV.

The end of a lovely day.

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