Mexico Day 8: Our Last Day, Boo Hoo

Our last day.

We had a light breakfast, since we did want to eat a sizable lunch.

We packed our things up in our room. They have a great system for the baggage - by check out time, your bags need to be packed in your room. They come get them, tag them, and have them waiting for you in the lobby when your airport transportation comes.

After we had packed, we headed to our favorite spot - the beach.

Noberto came out right away and also knew we were leaving and said he would miss us. When he asked for our drink orders I did something I should have done at the beginning of the trip and told him that I didn't know what to drink, but that I liked drinks that were not overly sweet.
He brought me not one but TWO drinks - a Hemingway and a Sunset Breeze. The Hemingway was sweeter than I liked but the Sunset Breeze was perfect. Of course I drank both because I was not going to let a drink go to waste. I did have help from My Sweetie, who got his usual mojito.

For lunch we filled our plates - we were not getting home until 9ish our time, and didn't want to be hungry on the plane.

After lunch we went and said goodbye to Ricardo the towel guy, Alberto, our favorite chef, and of course, Noberto.

I snapped a photo of this sign - it seriously cracked me up every time I walked by it.

 "We beg you to use the shower before using the pool."

We headed to the lobby, for one last drink. I had my new favorite, Sea Breeze.

Those darn transport people are always on time.

And we were off to the airport.

We did hit one snag - we had bought a bottle of hot sauce at Xcaret, which had a fun little sombrero and jacket on it. And of course it was in a hand carry-on, and got flagged for being a liquid. But they were not taking my little hat and jacket too; I held up the line while I wrestled with the bottle and got both of them off the hot sauce.

And then we preceded to walk through to duty free shopping, and buy another bottle of hot sauce, to replace that one.

We had some time to kill and were a little hungry, so we split a burger at Guy Fieri's American Kitchen. This burger, for being airport food, was surprisingly delish.

Our flight was on time and we were home in 6 hours.

So would I do this again?


In a heartbeat.

The question is not if, but when, will we go back to the Grand.

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