Mexico Day 5 Part 2: Japanese Restaurant and Lobby Bar

We got back from our day of snorkeling at around 4pm.

I had gotten really chilled so I took a nice long, hot shower.

Dinner tonight was at the Japanese restaurant.

We sat at teppan tables. There were 16 of us around two teppan cooking stations. But there was nice space between each couple.

Our chef did a little bit of a show.

 It was an okay show, but not horrible.

We chose our appetizers as he was cooking the main meal.

This is my eel sushi. This was actually pretty good.

My Sweetie's plate, a salmon California roll.

We also got some tempura. This was very disappointing! The tempura was mushy, like it had been under a heat lamp.

I had read that they cook all the meats for the same amount of time. So we weren't freaked out when the chicken and shrimp sat on the grill for about ten minutes. But it was sad to see the shrimp neglected like that.

We had observed chef tipping while we were at the resort, and so we knew to put their tips in their hat.

About tipping: We tipped, even though this was all-inclusive. Just $1 to $2 for drinks every now and then, and $3-5 for waiters at dinner. And I can tell you, I really think we had exceptional service because of it.

Everyone at the table got the fried rice, and then you could chose two meats: either shrimp, chicken, or beef.

The fried rice was really good. The meat dishes were good too, but the sauce was the same for all meats.

For dessert My Sweetie got a mango something. He was not too impressed. But the presentation was beautiful.

I played it safe and got some ice cream with mochi and white beans, which was very yummy.

It was a decent dinner, not horrible but not spectacular.

After dinner we wandered over to the theater, where casino night was happening. Casino nights were Tuesdays and Fridays.

Our table was playing Texas Hold 'Em.

We played for about an hour, and then at the end of the game night, the winner from each table got a prize.

And yours truly, who doesn't gamble or play these kinds of card games much, won at our table.

The show immediately followed and tonight was the Circus Show.

There was juggling, trapeze stunts, and acrobats. We stayed for about 20 minutes, and then headed to the Lobby Bar.

A Bloody Mary for me.

Cucumber Mojito for my love.

We wandered back to our room, enjoying the Grand at night. It is lit up very beautifully, and I felt very safe. Butlers are driving around on golf carts, and are always available to give you a ride.

Back at our room, we sat on the patio and listened to the waves.

I will never stay here, and not stay in an ocean front room. To me that was SO worth it and we really appreciated the staff upgrading us.

We made ourselves a couple of Havana's and Cokes, and relaxed to the sound of the ocean.

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