Mexico Day 4: Beach Walk, Kayaking, and the Gourmet Restaurant

Today was a day for just hanging out at the resort.

We went to the breakfast buffet.

My plate.

I fell in love with these little glass jars - you can see one on my plate. They were filled with a liquidy, drinkable yogurt that has such a lovely, fruity taste. I also had my usual eggs and this morning, tried some potatoes. We also sat outside this morning, which was very nice.

My Sweetie's plate.

Look at that view.

We went out to the beach and found some chairs. I had read about the "Towel Game" on Trip Advisor, and was prepared to fight for our beach recliners. Surprisingly, we got seats every single day. They weren't always in the front row, but there were plenty of places on the beach and around the pools. And we asked at the lobby one day, and the resort was at full capacity.

We wanted to explore and work off all this food we were eating, so we decided to head south and walk down the beach.

Right south of our resort was an abandoned time share complex. The jungle was in the process of swallowing it up.

Beyond that, was Secrets Maroma. We had read about this resort and even thought about staying there at one point. The beach here was a bit flatter, but the buildings were not as grand. Like the Grand.

We walked beyond Secrets, and past a couple of much smaller resorts/time shares.

At one point we both waded into the water and swam a bit; the water was a bit more calm here and there weren't many waves.

We walked all the way to the point where the land started back in. Looking back, we could barely see the Grand.

We hung out here for a bit, the water was amazing.

Then we started the walk back. We were only about a half hours' walk from the Grand.

If you walk do remember to take water; it is so easy to get dehydrated here.

Lunch was at La Brisa.

My Sweetie was checking out all of the local Mexican yummies.

We had asked for menus and both ordered the tournedos with fries. While we were waiting I filled my plate with salad stuff.

 I still found, that after that first dinner's richness, I was really craving a good salad.

The tournedos were so good! And the fries were crispy and hot.

We got different kinds of salt and tried each of them with the beef.

After lunch we needed to have some beach time. So back to our waiting beach chairs.

The afternoon's first drinks were a mojito and a margarita.

After a bit we realized that all of this eating and drinking was going to make us just waste away, so we decided we needed to get our blood moving.

By going kayaking.

At the Grand, you can kayak or wind sail, although they do ask that you have some experience wind sailing. I had taken a sailing course many, many years ago, as in when I was 15, and, we had also gone sailing together in our first year of marriage and almost got stuck in the middle of a huge lake. So, we examined our brief history of sailing and decided that was not enough experience.

Kayaking it was.

We got out there and turned to look at the resort, and saw this.

Well, maybe it will just head the other direction.

Nope, after a few minutes it started pouring, so we headed back in.

I must say it was a fun experience, kayaking in the pouring rain.

After coming in, we decided to start an afternoon tradition: head to the pool bar, get a drink, and then get into the hot tub.

We liked the two tubs by the Quiet Pool, each afternoon when we went over there, no one was in them but us.

Now it was time to get ready for dinner. We had reservations at the French restaurant tonight.

For an appetizer My Sweetie got fried Brie and I got Bouillabaisse.

Oh. My. Goodness. That Boullabaisse was one of the most delicious things I had ever tasted.

I also got a martini as an apertif, which I only took a couple of sips of because holy moly, if I would of drank the whole thing I would have been under the table.

For our entrees I ordered Lobster Thermador, hoping for good seafood. I was not disappointed.

My sweetie got Beef Bourguignon which was very good as well.

For dessert we got the lava cake and Crepes Suzette.

 With espressos of course.

Both were very tasty.

This was a really great meal and I was sad to see it end.

After dinner we walked around a bit and saw the Grand at night,

and then headed to the evening show.

Tonight it was The Beatles.

It was fun to watch. They had great voices, and sang good songs. But we both got a kick out of their accents.

During the show, you can get drinks at the theater bar. They conveniently have drink menus, and wanting to experiment, I tried this one.

It didn't really have a name, but was just listed under the description: gin, tonic water, orange, lemon, and mandarin peel.

After the show, we went back to our room. We had also made the very smart and thoughtful habit of visiting the buffet each night before the show. We stocked up on this:

and put it in our mini fridge for a late night dessert snack.

I should say our fourth meal, actually.

And it is perched on the side of the giant tub - when you have a tub that big in your room, you take advantage of it.

But it wasn't a late night tonight; tomorrow another adventure was planned.

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