Mexico Day 6: Beach, Kayaking, and the Italian Restaurant

This morning we were tired of getting up early so we slept in.

After all, we were on vacation.

I don't think we got down to breakfast until around 9:30. This morning it was lovely so we ate outside.

And had some company.

These things are called Coatis, and are kind of like a cross between a racoon and a small anteater. They are all over the place and for the most part are skittish, but some are a little more brave.

This guy was checking to see if any munchies had been left.

After he had checked that table he went to the one on the other side of us, where a couple was sitting. Their other table guest had gone back to the buffet so the little guy reached up and grabbed his coffee. He spilled it on his face, and it was a bit warm because he jumped and ran a little ways away. Maybe he'll think twice before trying that again.

The plan for the day was this:

There were a few cruise ships coming and going from Cozumel.

We sat on the beach for a while and talked. Noberto kept our drinks filled, and made sure we had ice cold water too.

After a while, we went to lunch at the buffet. Honestly I have no idea what time we ate, I was on vacation and was not looking at a watch. (I did keep a journal so that is how I remember all we ate and did.)

At lunch we had the tournedoes again, but for some reason I didn't take a photo.

After lunch we decided to try kayaking again.

Today was a much better day, and we were out there for at least an hour.

This is a great view of our hotel from the water.

We did the normal afternoon activities.......sitting on the beach some more and then we played in the waves for a while. There was a great spot right in front of our building where the waves would break and the sand was smooth. They were just strong enough to knock us around a little bit and I loved floating in them.

Then off to the pool bar.

Again, no photos. But I do know that we enjoyed mojitos in the hot tub.

Dinner that night was at the Italian restaurant.

As we were checking out the menu, they brought us an appetizer sampler.

For my appetizer I ordered the shrimp and vegetables with cheese.

 It was very good.

My Sweetie had the calamari, which was delicious.

For the entree  I chose a papperdelle with mussels and pesto.

Good as well, but I wish there were more mussels.

My Sweetie had the beef cannelloni.

We split the risotto, which was superb.

For dessert we got what you should get at an Italian restaurant, tiramisu and espresso.

The Italian restaurant was good, with excellent service. Not my favorite, so far that distinction was going to the French restaurant.

After dinner we decided to walk through the next resort over, the Mayan.

It was beautiful, all lit up at night.

It had its own feel, but it was still a beautiful property.

Across the main street from the Mayan was the shopping center. We had only ridden our bikes past this on the first day so we spent some time exploring.

There are a few gift shops, a taco shop, crepe shop, smaller bar, and the disco bar.

The disco bar was called Galaxy, and had all this Star Wars stuff in there. We were in there around 9 at night and it was pretty empty. I did hear though, that things got pretty active there after 11pm, when kids under 18 were not allowed.

We headed back to the Mayan and the Snake Lobby.

This bar was pretty neat, it was inside a replica of a Mayan temple.

We walked back to our room for our nightly dessert plate, and found this:

We had our usual dessert plate that we had saved and enjoyed the nice bubble bath.

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