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Southern Caribbean: Day 6 ~ Antigua

We woke up to see our ship, Celebrity Summit, pulling into Antigua.

It felt lovely here, with warm temperatures, blue skies, and the sun peeking through the clouds.
We had an excursion through Celebrity planned for today, so we headed to breakfast. As you can see, I like filling up on protein.

My Sweetie's plate.

Our excursion today would take us by bus across Antigua, then we were to go on a kayak journey, then boat to a small island to snorkel.
We met outside the pier at 8:15, and headed to our bus.
St. John's, Antigua.

Our bus driver was an Antiguan names Junior. He was great. The drive across the island took about 45 minutes, and he commentated the entire way, with really fun stories. 
One of the first things we learned was we had been pronouncing Antigua incorrectly. It sounds like Antiga, without the 'w' sound.
We followed that yellow line you see below.

This was a great drive through the island. We passed daily life in Antigua.

Junior told us a story about these…

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