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Hawaii Anniversary Trip: Day 7 ~ Exploring the Sheraton, Da Poke Shack

We were leaving later today. Sad day.

Our last breakfast:

That ever-present miso soup, which was so yum.

After breakfast we walked the opposite direction from our room, and explored the property a bit.

These fun seats were right next to the restaurant, and a great place to relax and just sit and watch the waves.

I found a plumeria ... I could live here.

You gotta watch which side you wear the Plumeria on....I've actually got it on the wrong side in the above photo (on the right). By doing that I am saying I am single, or available; which is NOT the case. Obviously.

There is a little church on the grounds here. So quaint with lovely landscaping.

And here is the front of the hotel, the part that faces the water.

Then there are these lovely paths that go along the ocean.

We wanted to try the water slide out so we got our suits on.

See me above? I was on my way down in that photo.

It looped around a couple of times, but was fun.

Yup. We had a blast.

We also had some time to relax in t…

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