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Mexico Cruise: Day 2 ~ Exploring, Trivia, Basketball, Formal Night

We got up, woke everyone up and headed to breakfast.

A really cool thing about the Miracle was that you had the option of eating brunch in the Main Dining Room.  So instead of buffet lines, you could be seated and order off of a menu.

That's a no-brainer choice in my book.

This is open from 8:30 am to 1 pm and there were all sorts of brunch items to choose from, including lots of sides that you could add to your entree.

This morning we got:

Chocolate pancakes

Steak and Eggs - classically English with a roasted tomato and toast.

Tomato soup

a fruit plate

Eggs Benedict

On sea days, eating in the Dining Room was great. We would eat a large breakfast, snack from the grill or pizza station for lunch, and be hungry for dinner by evening.

We went up and this morning explored more of the top decks.

This ship is considered a smaller ship, but it did seem like there was lots of space on it.

We found these fun cabanas on the sides that you can sit on.

And we found the top!

Looking down.

As y…

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