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Maui: Day 6 ~ Snorkel, Beach Time, Eat, Repeat

Today was a very low key day. And a good thing too, since we had literally been driving for 12 hours on the Road to Hana and Beyond the day before.

No breakfast photo today! I'm not sure why I forgot to take it.

We wanted to get out and snorkel at Black Rock early so we were out there by 9 am. This was the best part of staying at Ka'anapali.....we literally walked out of our hotel and there was Black Rock.

It was a little cold in the water, but swimming warms you up.

On the swim out to Black Rock we saw this guy hanging out.

It was still early enough that there weren't too many snorkelers here.

My Sweetie, diving down.

There were actually quite a few fish, especially right up against the rocks.

This was a great snorkeling spot, and as we found out later in the day, especially in the morning.

Both of us diving down to get a close look at the marine life.

There were lots of canyons like this we could swim through.

People have died here, so we are very cautious when we swim. …

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